Anonymous inquired: This blog is A++++++++ PERFECT! Keep up the great work my friend!!

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macmcdonalds inquired: cutting the sleeves off shirts, daddy issues, the brains, glamour muscles, the duster, vic vinegar, HEYO, chase utley, cat like reflexes is this too many sorry i just

These are great! I’m going to have to do this over the next couple of days though! Coming right up friend!

as suggested by kierkatgaardsmeow

as suggested by kierkatgaardsmeow

kierkatgaardsmeow inquired: Schooling jabronis / eating contracts?

I’ll work on these right away friend.

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dantes7thcircle inquired: Moving in after completion.

Coming right up friend.

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suburbishly inquired: Not being "into the whole condom thing."

Absolutely! :)